Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus offers innumerable opportunities for communities to settle. The most important of these is its temperate climate. Even the harshest winters are quite temperate. The number of rainy days in January, which is the rainiest month of the year, is 13 on average. Even on a rainy day, the sun makes a surprise appearance and shines for a few hours.

Due to this characteristic of Cyprus, many foreigners choose to live in Northern Cyprus. Many dwellings are for foreigner use, particularly in Kyrenia and along the northern beach. A large part of the ex-patriot community is British.

Holding the control of the island from 1878 to 1960, British people are well aware of the living opportunities offered by the island for retirees.

Bittersweet island: Depicting the lives of British people in Cyprus in a pleasant but realistic way, Tabitha MORGAN discusses the potential of Kyrenia to be a shelter for the retired in her book named A HISTORY OF THE BRITISH IN CYPRUS. While Morgan narrates the inhabitation of Kyrenia by retirees from British colonies, she also includes the description published by the Times on November 22, 1981: A wonderful shelter for the retired, even better than the popular places of France and Italy in some respects.

Both the reporters of the Times and Ms. Morgan were right in their observations, because today we see that Kyrenia, and its neighboring districts, has become a cosmopolitan town inhabited by many British families. With this feature, Kyrenia offers people from different cultures the opportunity to meet and live together.

In her book, Tabitha Morgan also addresses the supracompetitive features of Cyprus in addition to its history.
Old Kyrenia port and castle maintain their appearances in the Middle Age to a large extent.
The Great Inn in Nicosia is the first Ottoman work on the island, and nowadays hosting hundreds of tourists.
The nature of Cyprus offers unique beauties in each season.

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Kyrenia has attracted the attention of the whole world. Kyrenia, a district of Northern Cyprus, attracts foreign tourists with its historical sites, rich vegetation, rich cuisine, unique sea and beaches. Recently, Kyrenia has received the most attention in Northern Cyprus. Kyrenia is a favorite of Northern Cyprus in terms of Real Estate, Education and Tourism. What is the reason for this?

Climate and Natural Beauty

In Northern Cyprus, it has great views, glorious weather and friendly locals, as well as being able to spend time in various activities regardless of summer and winter. Therefore, Kyrenia is a popular place to settle in Northern Cyprus. You can enjoy 300 days of sunny weather a year.

Social Life in Kyrenia

Famous for its colorful shops and cafes, Kyrenia also has a Mediterranean harbor. Kyrenia's wide beaches, with its azure charming sea attracts visitors. In addition to the annual art festivals in the city, various shopping and entertainment opportunities are kept alive in the winter months. As social life in Kyrenia is very active. The interest in houses for sale is increasing all the time.

Kyrenia Places to Visit

Kyrenia is a city rich in history. Kyrenia Castle, the Sunken Ship Museum within the castle, Bosphorus Martyrdom, Aga Cafer Pasha Mosque, St. Hilarion Monastery is home to many historical sites, including the Museum of Folk Art.

How to Get to Kyrenia?

Transportation to Kyrenia is by road. All foreign citizens other than TRNC Citizens can obtain a visa for up to 90 days when they first enter the country, depending on their nationality. In order to extend this period more, the TRNC Immigration Office may be consulted.

Transportation in Kyrenia

It is possible to reach anywhere you want by taxi in Kyrenia. Minibuses are moving both in and from Kyrenia to other cities. Transportation in Kyrenia is convenient and there are many alternatives. Taxis are mostly used.

Kyrenia Kitchen

It is seen in the most abundant seafood in Kyrenia . 20 kinds of appetizers are served before the main meal. The flavor to be especially tasted in the Kyrenia region is molehiya. Luxury restaurants, cafes and different kinds of meat, chicken and fish restaurants are available. You can taste many Far Eastern flavors from Chinese cuisine to Japanese cuisine. Numerous Italian and French restaurants are also available throughout Northern Cyprus.

Shopping in Kyrenia

Kyrenia is one of the biggest attractions in Cyprus. World famous brands are gathered in Kyrenia. There are plenty of choices at an affordable price.

Real Estate Opportunities in Kyrenia

The number of students and academics is increasing with the increasing number of international schools in Kyrenia, which continues to receive migration every day. For this reason, investors in Cyprus generally prefer Kyrenia. There are many real estate opportunities in Kyrenia with a high student and tourism potential. In addition, there are many prestigious hotels in Kyrenia, which is a tourism paradise. Both the staff working at the hotel and the number of tourists are increasing day by day. For investors who want to make this an advantage, the interest in the properties in Kyrenia has increased.

Tatlısu and Çatalköy

The Eastern coastline of Kyrenia, where North Cyprus has luxury hotels, beautiful beaches and of course you can get impeccable services. Çatalköy is a port of Kyrenia with its location close to Kyrenia. Tatlısu East coastline of Kyrenia, clean oxygen, natural life. It is an average of 40 minutes drive to both the center of Kyrenia and the İskele area, due to its location where luxury meets at the same time. Tatlısu is quiet and peaceful, which has a panoramic azure sea view to the north and the unique mountain view of to the south.

Alsancak and Lapta

The Western coastline of Kyrenia, Alsancak has the nature of the Mediterranean, is the region between Kyrenia and Lapta in North Cyprus. Lapta region comes to life with a natural and luxurious life, which is known for its western coastline, the coast of Kyrenia, and which you can prefer with the beauty of its beaches. In addition, the region is surrounded with blue and green location with famous hotels, walking paths and quality restaurants. Lapta area is only 15 minutes away from Kyrenia city center.